Terms and Conditions

While it is free to submit profile of dismissed ex-employees and get access to  upload details of proven fraudulent staff, interested companies/organisations need to pay and subscribe to search the database for information on prospective employees. Subscription with full access comes in three categories of N50,000 for twelve months, N5,500 for 30 days with limited access or N2,000 per search  on a pay as you go basis.

Only duly registered companies with the Corporate Affairs Commission would be eligible to upload dismissed staff details. In addition, such companies that are engaged in recruitment of staff for other organisations must also provide a copy of their current Recruiters Licence Details so uploaded would also not go life until AOPN Admin reviews the company’s status and the submissions made. AOPN also reserves the right not to activate any application for subscription that it considers not to have met its minimum standards as above. AOPN also reserve the right not to activate any dismissed staff details uploaded by Subscribers where it is of the opinion that sufficient proof of the inappropriate or fraudulent conduct of the ex-staff has not been provided to AOPN Admin.

As a responsible and responsive organisation AOPN has taken sufficient steps to conduct due diligence on the allegations made by member organisations, that engaging the services of persons here listed does so at its own risk. However, not being a court of justice, these allegations can still be challenged in a court of law. Profiles submitted are by employers themselves and they take full responsibility for their submissions. AOPN does not accept responsibility for profiles submitted.

By submitting this application, we confirm that we have read this terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.